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The Volunteer Police Cadets is an association of Police Cadet Units working to shared Aims and Principles and is the newest Uniformed Youth Group in the UK. Be a leader.The Volunteer Police Cadets is an association of Police Cadet Units working to shared Aims and Principles and is the newest Uniformed Youth Group in the UK. Our intention is to capture the enthusiasm and energy of young people and channel it into community based projects while at the same time developing a sense of good citizenship in our members. Mixed in with this is our aim to recruit 25% of our membership from a vulnerable background - those young people that are at risk of influence by poor role models and even those that have started down the wrong path in life and want a second chance to choose the right one.

The growth of this new organisation means we need Leaders to guide these young people and provide good role models. But even though we are Police cadets, you do not have to be a police employee to become one of our Leaders. We recognise that many people outside of the Policing family have skills, knowledge and experience that we desperately need in order to develop a structure that supports our Cadets.

What's expected of you? Reliability, pro-social behaviour and a willingness to get involved. We understand that most people cannot commit to being available every week without question. All we ask is that when you say you 'll turn up that you do, or let your Coordinator know in good time that you won't be available*. We want role models that the Cadets can aspire to be like. We can't expect a Cadet to look after their own Uniform if we don't look after ours. One of the phrases you'll hear a lot is "Walk the Talk" - don't just say it, do it. Finally we need people who are prepared to be flexible and join in. As a new organisation we can't say for sure where we'll be in 12 months, 5 years' or 10 years' time. We need people who are willing to grow with the VPC and help us decide how we should be expanding and developing.

What can you expect from us? Opportunity. An Opportunity to make a real difference to young people struggling to find their place in their community. The opportunity for training and development on a personal level. Many of our leaders acquire nationally recognised qualifications in outdoor and sports leadership as well as internal training in Cadet programme delivery. We also work closely with the Duke of Edinburgh Award and provide training and qualifications from their organisation. Finally, the opportunity to help challenge the stereotypes that are held about young people today.

Interested in finding out more? Contact your local Coordinator and they 'll bring you up to speed on the opportunities available in your area now FIND YOUR LOCAL UNIT

*Some Constabularies may have a minimum volunteering expectation - please check with your local VPC Coordinator for more information

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